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About the NCPTA

We play in Apex every weekend and occasionally during the week. All age groups and skill levels are welcome. We provide the equipment so new players can try our sport. Contact jjjjpppp at aol.com for specifics.

Whether you have terrible hand-eye coordination or are a racquet sport pro, you will have fun playing paddle tennis.

If you are a novice: The net is set at 31", lower than tennis, and the paddles are solid (wood, graphite, or titanium). It is easier to hit the ball where you want it to go in paddle tennis. In fact, the sport was invented in 1898 to help children learn tennis.
If you play any sports: You can learn paddle tennis in less than 5 minutes and start having great rallies, good exercise, and a lot of fun.
If you are a tennis player: Paddle tennis is faster and more fun than tennis. The rallies are longer than in tennis. It can even help your tennis game, especially at the net. The strokes are the same as tennis.
If you are a senior citizen: We play on a smaller tennis court (20 X 50), so it is easier to cover the whole court. Because the court is smaller, it is easier to get to the net.

We play on a tennis court, use tennis balls, and keep score like tennis. New lines are drawn to make the dimensions smaller. Mostly doubles are played. Depressurized tennis balls (new ball punctured with a needle to take air out) are used to lower the bounce.

Our director, Joel P., grew up in Los Angeles near Santa Monica. He played paddle tennis at the Sand and Sea Beach Club in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, the world capitol of paddle tennis. Since moving to North Carolina, Joel started a group that now plays every week in Apex. Out of all the racquet sports Joel had played (ping pong, tennis, racquet ball, squash, and badminton), Joel finds paddle tennis the most fun.

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